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Alarm System Support:

Here at Nomad Alarms we feel alarm system support is important to a successful long term relationship with our clients. Furthermore if any of our clients have any questions we would love to here from them. In addition to that we plan to post the answers to any relevant questions from our client for all to see on this page below. We are even happy to make a video if it helps explain things easier, this will be added to our video support page.
How do I change the Pin Number or add a Pin Number to the alarm system

To add a Pin Number to your alarm system follow the the following programming sequence:

Press you current Pin number followed by Enter User Number 02 – key in the 4 digit pin number Press enter and your done!
How Do I Add A Sensor

How to add a Sensor:

If you purchased extra sensors when you purchased your Nomad Alarm System. – They will come to you already programmed in for you!

If you have  individually purchased additional motion sensors, door sensors and smoke detectors. To add the sensors to you DIY Alarm System please follow the instructions below. Firstly, here is an explanation of the keypad buttons and what they mean.

DIY Alarm System Keypad Instructions

How to Add a Sensor to your Wireless DIY Alarm System

How to Add a Motion Detector or Door Sensor to your Nomad Alarm System.

1 – Settings > Your Pin Number > Enter/#
2 – Arrow down to 5. Device Set > # >1.Zone > # > 1.WL.Register ># > 1. By Code Learn > #
3 – Arrow down to the next available zone > # > Trigger the device – Success > # */Back to back out
4 – Keep pushing Back till you exit programming.
5 – Test your new sensor

NOTE: When testing Motion Sensors will require 5 minutes of no detection before setting themselves for a alarm (this is a battery saving method which is common on all wireless sensors)


Can I buy a Nomad Alarm System without the SMS Monitoring Service

YES – you can buy a Nomad Alarm System without the SMS Monitoring service :

You just need to X out/delete it after you have added it to the shopping cart.
See this picture the X on the left of the SMS Monitoring service
SMS Alarm system monitoring checkout Warning: You will not be able to use the App or receive SMS alarms without your “SMS Monitoring Service”. Furthermore, the Nomad Alarm can not be used with other SIM Cards due to Australian Compliance issues.
How do I change the Battery
To change a Motion Sensor Battery Take the cover of the sensor by inserting a small flat head screw driver Or Watch our you tube video on how to change a motion sensor or door sensor battery
How do I cancel my SMS Monitoring Service
The SMS Monitoring Service is enable by subscriptions from your credit card. To cancel your subscription simply log into the Nomad Alarms website using username an password that you set up on Check out. Log into My Account Here Choose Subscription from the My Account Menu Then click cancel to cancel your Subscription. After a few minutes you will stop receiving SMS alarm messages from your Nomad Alarm System.