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  • wireless intercom system Australia's best

    Wireless Intercom

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    Excellence in intercommunication from the street to the home or apartment. A qualified product that will work or your money back. We are sure that you have tried many others that just did not work. This is the fix – its new so be sure to leave a review! Posted 27th Nov 2018

  • Apartment or house alarm system, fast delivery fast install DIY Alarm System.

    Security House Alarm System

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    Nomad Standard Alarm Systems:

    Simple easy to use Alarm Systems that can move with you. SMS, text message alarm notifications. Armed and disarmed from your phone app. Can be used on you boat or caravan. Is also perfect as a home alarm systems or apartment alarm system where the NBN is connected, as you don’t need a phone line it will not be effected by the NBN.

  • Alarm system External Dummy Siren

    External Siren Housing

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    This is dummy external siren is a good addition to your wireless alarm system. Mounted on any external wall it becomes a great deterrent for any would be thieves.