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On the go protection, keep things safe with our Caravan Alarm System designed in Australia.

Caravan Alarm Systems

We know what its like – moving around constantly or just enjoying the final quarter of your life. You simply want to protect your gear, your assets and memories! The problem is too many high cost tech gadgets, high tech words. Too much high cost and complication, it leads to misunderstanding, confusion and frustration. Now we have the answer for you.

Simple easy to use caravan alarm systems. We put the parts together for you and we set them up in a ready to use state. Hence there is little time spent on user manuals and set up. Low cost and reliability with back up support if needed. Nomad Alarms has also created a optional SIM Card Monitoring servicethat can be added to your caravan alarm system.

Optional – SIM Card Monitoring Service: ($17.80 per month)

Nomad Alarms have developed an OPTIONAL “SIM Card Monitoring Service” to add to your Nomad Security System form only $17.80 per month. Advantages are:

🎉 Text Message Alerts from any Alarm Event

✅Text Message from Power Out’s – after 5 mins

🔐 Remotely Arm the Alarm System form your Phone
🔓Remotely Turn Off the Alarm System from your Phone
🙏🏼Let Others Arm/Disarm – only You get the Alarm Event
🚦Sensor Low Battery Text Messages

Other Features:

Designed in Australia

Built in – Back up Lithium Battery

Compatible with homes with NBN service.

No Contracts – cancel anytime monitoring

 RCM Australian Compliance Achieved

Note: Your Caravan Insurance Company may offer a discount on your insurance with an alarm system installed. Please enquire with your insurer.

Caravan Alarm Systems In 3 Easy Steps

1 – Start by choosing your caravan alarm system base kit.

2 – Choose any additional parts as required

3 – Add your App Monitoring Service, then proceed to check out.

Alarm System Free Postage and Easy Setup
Alarm System Remote Arming
Alarm System SMS notifications

Google Customer Reviews

The alarm is great, easy set up and great monitoring. Our system including full perimeter and internal motion sensors is a third of the price of products quoted by others. Great service, great product!
Chenee Marrapodi
Chenee Marrapodi
12:26 16 Dec 18
I found this option great value for money, super easy to use especially as i am not great with the technology stuff and all backed up by a great app.
Allen Davidson
Allen Davidson
00:05 22 Nov 18
Nomad Alarms (Paul and Carlo) have developed a great system for people looking for an affordable panic button and integrated alarm system, which sends up to two sms text messages when triggered. I travel regularly and my wife can trigger her panic button worn around her neck whilst I’m away if something happens to her. I can highly recommend this system.
Garth Higgo
Garth Higgo
11:47 11 Feb 19
We just installed a Perimeter Alarm System through Nomad with 14 window sensors and 2 motion sensors. We absolutely love every aspect of this system including the easy to use app. The company was amazing to work with and I highly recommend them!
03:58 14 Feb 19
I have the home alarm system, which was unbelievably easy to install and is simple to use. Easily the best wireless house alarm system in my opinion and really affordable.
Estelle Bradley
Estelle Bradley
03:48 22 Mar 19
Just bought my new alarm and I'm totally impressed..The price the communications and the product it self is 10 out of 10..Been motorhoming now for 9 years and to all you caravan and motor home people trust me "get it "..
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson
03:31 15 Apr 19
I was planning a half lap trip from Canberra to Darwin and then down the west coast to Perth and then back home across the Nullarbor. As I was researching this trip, I was astounded by the amount of theft and “van invasions” that were reported by fellow travellers on various social media sites. Considering the amount of expensive equipment that we carry in our vans…..generators, TVs, phones, laptops and comfort equipment, I thought that a caravan alarm system would be a great asset to protect ourselves and belongings from opportunistic and determined thieves/intruders.I contacted Paul at Nomad Alarm Systems (located in WA) as they had a wireless system suited to caravans and discussed my requirements, especially to alarm my generator box at the rear of the caravan and also the front boot where I carry a portable Weber and other necessary equipment. Paul suggested an alarm system that would suit these requirements so I went ahead with the order, which arrived promptly in about 2 days later.The alarm system was easily installed with step by step instructions. I installed a Reed switch on the front boot lid and another under the lid of the generator box. The caravan interior is monitored by a movement sensor and another Reed switch on the entry door.The alarm system is easy to use and has some great features, especially the app, which is downloaded from the Nomad website. The app allows you to arm/disarm the alarm system from your phone and it will also send and SMS when the alarm system is triggered. Additionally, the system comes with 2 remote controls.We should always pack away things (chairs, tables etc) overnight but it is reassuring to know that locked away equipment is protected by a reliable alarm system, from the most determined thieves. I can highly recommend a Nomad alarm system and found Paul was very informative and is happy to answer any queries.
Garry B
Garry B
12:09 06 May 19
Nomad alarm is ideal for caravan & boat owners. Easy installation and operation through your mobile phone! No third party involved. Peace of mind knowing your van is alarmed when you leave it! Thanks Paul, we love it!
Trish Thomson
Trish Thomson
06:12 23 Jun 19
Nomad alarm is ideal for caravan & boat owners. Easy installation and operation through your mobile phone! No third party involved. Peace of mind knowing your van and boat are alarmed when you leave it! Being able to arm and disarm through mobile is a big plus!Thanks Paul, we love it!
Trish Thomson
Trish Thomson
06:20 23 Jun 19
We just installed a Perimeter Alarm System through Nomad with 14 window sensors and 2 motion sensors. We absolutely love every aspect of this system including the easy to use app. The company was amazing to work with and I highly recommend them!
03:58 14 Feb 19


Hints and tips before you travel:

Before you travel: • We would suggest the you ensure all gas equipment for your caravan is tested and in good working order. • Purchase a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and locate them near an exit where they are easily accessible. • Install a smoke alarm, close to the sleeping area in a caravan. (However not too close to the Kitchen if it can be helped) • Ensure all fire safety equipment such as smoke alarms, fire blanket and fire extinguisher are maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions. • Ensure that you turn off any pilot lights before towing your caravan or when the vehicles engine is running. • Service all electric and mechanical brakes and bearings on your caravan. Nomad Alarms offer a solution by adding a smoke detector to you shopping cart, we will program it into your alarm system and have it working and ready to use as part of your caravan alarm system.


Caravan Security:

Theft is an increasing issue for the caravan community, however it’s not just customers who are the victims of crime. On occassion caravan park owners are also vulnerable to thieves, operating in the community. Read our hints and tips on how to avoid theft while on holiday. Some caravan parks include advice about robbery in their handouts when caravans are checking in. The Top Tourist Park at Dubbo, NSW in Australia, includes a letter from the police superintendent in their welcome pack and it advises not to leave valuables in cars or vans – Mind You – with no suggestion of where to leave them alternatively. Coastal parks without fences in particular can be vulnerable to thefts and most caravans. One way to protect yourself is to stow fishing gear, fridges, esky’s, chairs and tables and shoes before retiring. Our solution would be to buy an addition Door Sensor to fix to your Esky or Fridge – or anything that you don’t want removed while you are not there or while you are asleep at night. Our caravan alarm systems have a night arming mode, therefore you can protect your equipment while you are asleep.


Caravan Alarm System Products:

There are already some 350,000 RVs on our roads and the number is growing fast.  Over the next 12 months 18,000 caravans and motorhomes will be sold in Australia and 80% of those will be bought by the over 55s. Each and every one of them will also be seeking a full range of goods and gadgets to help them enjoy their new life on the road – all the way down from vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to $10 Billy cans. Nomad Alarms advertise the caravan alarm systems at In conclusion we are also looking for additional major suppliers in some states in Australia. If you have heard about our caravan alarm system products and wish to be a major distributor in your state please contact us.

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