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It’s time for the Holidays which means folks will be rushing to buy gifts and presents for their loved ones. While many are buying gifts, some are heading out of town to reunite with their close friends and family. This season – may it be Christmas or Boxing Day, you’d be sure to travel and enjoy the long weekends. During the holiday seasons, 13.7 million Australians travel internationally or domestically according to one study.

The holiday season is considered to be one of the most highly anticipated events in Australia, since it also falls during the summer season. Although this a happy time for many Aussies, it can quickly turn into a devastating scenario when families come home after a long holiday only to find their houses robbed and stolen from.

Knowing different ways to set your home alarm systems is a great advantage before travelling for the holidays. A simple home security alarm can save you tons of time, money, and uncertain headaches.

How does it minimise the crime rates?

In 2017, there were 225,900 reported burglaries in Australia, that roughly estimates to one incident in every 3 minutes which could have been prevented through a security system. Many seasoned experts claim that having an alarm system in your property, may it be a house, a boat or a caravan, is essential in scaring burglars away from your home than prompting fast response from the police despite that, alarms can go a long way in protecting your belongings.

Below are some tips on keeping your house safe during your vacation this holiday:

1. Getting a Home Security System

When you’re away, it’s best to have a dependable solution to secure your home. In the advent of technology, you can avail of different home security alarms – a system with a control panel, door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, that fit your requirements.

2. Securing Your House Entry Point

Burglars always seek for easy targets. They prefer homes that have doors and windows that can easily be accessed. To make sure that you don’t attract burglars, visit your local hardware store and buy materials that can secure and strengthen your doors and windows.

3. Do Not Turn Off Your Smoke Detectors

During the holidays, fire is also a common incident. Many homeowners tend to turn off their smoke detectors, not realizing that they are first responders to fire accidents. Most home security system fire detectors are designed to contact the fire department in case of a fire emergency. This comes handy when a burglar is smoking inside your house.

4. Set Your Security Devices to Auto

Remember, Home Alone? The bandits did not realize that Kevin was the only person at home. Automatic setting works in a way that your house never looks empty. You can set to turn on the lights or customise your home appliances. Keep in mind that the bad guys go for the easy and obviously empty homes.

5. Ask a Trusted Friend to Keep Watch of Your Home While You’re Away

There is nothing like having a reliable friend to be your home alarm system. Ask your friend or trusted neighbour to drop by your house every now and then to ensure that everything is fine. If possible, ask them to take your mail, so it doesn’t gather. If your mail isn’t emptied, it’ll seem obvious to burglars that you’re away.

6. Do Not Advertise

We get a little enthusiastic when we are on a holiday. Often, we post pictures of our real-time activities, the places we go to, and more. But did you know that announcing your holiday plans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter not only attracts danger for you, but also for your property? In social media, post can spread like wildfire. Be sure to only tell the people you trust about your holiday plans.

These tips can come in handy when it comes to securing your home while you enjoy the holiday season. Don’t let the thought of gifts, Santa, and Boxing day barbeques keep you from securing your property. Let Nomad Alarms help you. Enquire about our products and services now. Call us at 042 145 5100.