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Is your home safe from intruders? When it comes to setting up a house, one shall not stop at lathering the wall with decorations and whatnot. Whether you are a new homeowner or a long-time resident who experienced a recent burglary, it is never too late to set up security and alarm systems to fortify your home.

Although Australia has a relatively low crime-rate, intruders, according to a recent statistic, have been found to strike every minute or so in neighborhoods all over the country. So make sure that you make security your top priority. Here are 4 simple things you can do right away to secure your home:

Start With the Doors

Most home invasions happen for the most obvious, yet severely overlooked, reasons like unlocked doors. Before leaving the house or before going to sleep, inspect all your exterior doors to make sure they are locked. Among the main things that you look out for are strong mainframes, impenetrable hinges, and secure mailbox.

When moving into a house that was previously owned by other people, changing the doors locks should be your top priority. Remember to avoid skimping on the quality of your door locks and go for ones that provide maximum security. Note that this also applies to all other openings in the house including windows, backdoors, pet entrances, and so on.

In this time and age, it is wise to switch to smart locks from reputable home alarm systems companies like the Nomad Alarms to give you the best in the business.

Bright Lights for the Backyard

If there is one thing that burglars and other criminals despise the most, being seen in broad daylight is probably the foremost. You can instigate this fear even at night by lighting up your backyard, pathways, garage, and other outdoor structures.

Some effective tools that can make catching the bad guys even easier are tools such as motion-activated lights, solar-powered lights, or even outdoor lights on a timer. They sound costly but with the peace and security they provide, they’re definitely worth the price.

Restrict Your WiFi Network

Invasions nowadays also come in other forms. One of the more sinister intrusions that could happen is having your digital systems compromised through your WiFi. Did you know that your home wireless network is the doorway to your personal, financial, and other sensitive information?

Make sure that you prevent yourself from being vulnerable to these threats by securing your wireless router, renaming and hiding your home network, using a firewall, or creating strong passwords.

Set Up Home Security Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are notoriously and mistakenly perceived as unnecessarily elaborate systems that does not do much except drain out your pockets. This might be true several decades ago when only the ones with the resources could avail of the technology. But in this day and age, home security alarm systems come in many packages in prices that range from budget-friendly to state-of-the-art.

Both ends of the spectrum still do their job well regardless of the price. The latter just has more features in it and are less likely to be penetrated by intruders. Either way, it is high time that you get one.

Consult the Experts!

It is quite tricky to choose a system that you are comfortable with. To get started on your path to a more secure home, choose an expert to guide you in picking out which home alarm systems you need in your home. For instance, a company like Nomad Alarms would help you evaluate your needs so that your home alarm system is designed to suit your specific needs.

You can opt for a do-it-yourself installation, but why risk it? Call in the professionals to do the job done. Our services here at Nomad Alarms have been proven to be the best in customer service and brand reputation. We have innovative systems for people who have no trouble adapting to new technology. Choose wisely, choose Nomad Alarms.

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